There are countless articles online that will advise you that buying a car with a salvage title is not a good idea. The truth is that both can be right. A car that has a salvage title can be a bargain, or it can be the worst mistake you have ever made. To help you avoid costly mistakes here is some guidelines to keep in mind when buying a vehicle with a salvage title. · OP, you need to clarify if what you looking at HAS title, even as rebuilt, or you buying straight off auction. Then it does NOT have one and all the hassle with titling it falls into YOUR lap. It’s already been re-titled by the seller.Thinking of buying a salvage car? Here’s what you need to know. don’t walk when it comes to a salvage title vehicle," says Cavano.. "You’ll find a lot of people who intend to buy a.Buying a Salvage Vehicle at Auction in 3 Easy Steps! Ok this video is how to buy a salvage type vehicle at auction in three simple steps and getting your title rebuilt. First things first do a search for salvage auctions, I’m sure you probably know of some already and if you are watching this video I [.]

This video,, can also be seen at to consider when buying a vehicle with a salvage title in Illinois is that you’re not going to be able to test drive it. Under Illinois law, any vehicle that "is salvage or junk may not be driven or operated on roads and highways within" Illinois unless it’s being driven for an inspection.Buying a Salvage Title Car in Illinois at Auction: What you need to know. When you are in Illinois and have a Salvage Vehicle title what needs to be done in order to get that title rebuild you. · At times, a stolen car is found after the insurance company has paid up. Such repairable salvage vehicles are usually in great condition and don’t need much repair. Salvage Car Auctions At least one salvage car auction takes place in the country every day. insurance auto auctions has been holding salvage car auctions since 1982.